50 pounds of body fat lost in 12 weeks

I came across some of Dr. Eric Serrano’s videos which led me to check out Infinity Fitness’ website. Needless to say I did not have much hope in yet another diet scheme.

Waist shrunk by 6 inches and 50 pounds of fat lost

I have just finished week 12 of my first personalized training and nutrition program with Scott. I have lost a little over 50 pounds and 6 inches off my waist. My recent labs showed that my testosterone went from 210 to 600, and I am now on a reduced level of thyroid medication.

My Doctor was blown away

I had a physical this week and my doctor was blown away. My blood pressure was so much lower that he decided I could go back to one doctor visit per year. I can’t say enough about the knowledge Scott has to put a program together. I am looking forward to the next 12 weeks!*

Boost Your Metabolism

The correct weight training, interval sprint, nutrition and supplementation protocols can have a huge impact on rates of fat burning.*

Speak directly with Scott H. Mendelson

I sent Scott an email and told him my story. He sent me the Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Nutrition System and offered to talk to me over the phone.I was pretty blown away at this point as I had not spent a dime yet. I went on Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Nutrition System and started dropping weight immediately. Within a few weeks I had lost over 15 pounds.*

Personalized training and nutrition plans

At this point I was ready to get serious and had Scott H. Mendelson develop an individualized diet and workout program. Probably the hardest thing for me was to cut back on my workouts. I had been working out for about an hour and a half a day, seven days a week.*

High density weight training

High density weight training strategies can increase fat burning hormones with short training sessions.*

Avoiding overtraining

Scott explained that I was stressing my body way too much. I feel that the 100% MR, Muscle Synthesis Powder, Alpha Omega M3 and GCX10 were all key to the weight loss. I had great energy throughout my workouts.

Start your body transformation journey

My journey with weight loss attempts started three years ago when I hit 350 pounds. I had played football for a number of years and was pretty heavily involved in powerlifting. I started going through a number of knee surgeries and some other health issues including high blood pressure. I decided when I hit a 47 inch waist that it was not worth it to be that big.

I tried a popular keto style diet and dropped to about 300 pounds, but a short time later shot back up to 330 pounds after finding out that my thyroid was not functioning properly. I struggled through a number of different diets to get back to 300.

No matter what I did, or what diet I tried I would lose some weight but within weeks gain it all back. My thyroid medication was continually pushed up and my testosterone was between 200-250 for two years. I tried every diet that I could find on all the bodybuilding websites.

Bob T COGAN STATION PA 11/21/2016