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240 to 195 Pound Transformation

I wanted to take some time to thank Scott Mendelson from InfinityFitness.com for his continued work with me! I’m creeping up to age 50 this year and I was overweight and not very healthy overall before working with Scott. Balancing work & family for years had left me with reduced time and energy to make and execute a plan to help. So far I have accomplished a 240 to 195 Pound Transformation by using the 12 week personalized training, fat burning interval and nutrition program for 3 complete cycles working directly with Scott Mendelson.

240 to 195 Pound Transformation

However, I have made steady progress since working with Scott on my personalized lifestyle plan stat supports my weight training, nutrition, recovery, mental and overall health. We are finishing up week 36, and some stats when we started… body weight at 240 pounds, now I’m 195 pounds. In addition, I have lowered my blood pressure from 130/80 to 100/65 and I’m feeling great mentally with new confidence and looking great too!

240 to 195 Pound Transformation

100% MR, Muscle Synthesis Powder, GCX10 and Fat Reduce FBO5 day time formulas 30 minutes before training improve performance and peaked fat burning momentum throughout the entire week. 3 weight training and 2 fat burning interval sessions performed each on a consistent basis peaked rates of fat burning.


Personalized, Detailed and Flexible

The personalized training and nutrition plan is laid out to fit my busy schedule and the Scientifically engineered supplements including 100% MR, Muscle Synthesis Powder, Alpha Omega M3, GCX10 and Fat Reduce FBO5 Day/Night Time Formulas have been a game changer keeping me healthy, motivated and have accelerated my results. Scott is always available to answer questions and my workout & nutrition plan constantly evolve. I’m excited to continue this journey with Scott and am looking forward to continue my journey! Thanks Scott!!