Dr. Serrano Seminar DVD 2009


Dr. Eric Serrano MD live on DVD.  4 Hours of action packed Footage from the May 9 2009 Seminar.  Training, Nutrition, Supplementation, Injury Rehab, Athlete Development and more. The perfect learning tool for the advanced athlete or fitness enthusiast looking for Highly Effective protocols.*

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Dr. Eric Serrano MD 2009 Seminar DVD

Put Practical Program Design into practice and watch your results improve.

Dr. Serrano discussing the role of cardio training in fat loss, macronutrient ratios and more for females. Tackling stubborn body fat.*

Dr. Serrano’s seminars include a wide variety of topics based on his prepared presentations and the questions generated by the audience. Amongst many other topics the Seminar presentation includes the following during the nearly 4 hour DVD.*

Cutting Edge Nutrition

  • Isoschemic Strength Training Demonstrations*
  • Interval Cardio Program Design- including the 5 minute Workout*
  • Fat Loss Nutrition Protocols*
  • Manipulating Training Programs for the best results**
  • The Value of Essential Fatty Acid Supplementation*
  • Supplementation Program design for optimal body composition, recovery and performance.*
  • Solving the Post Workout Carbohydrate Mystery*
  • Food Allergies and Sensitivities*
  • Rotational Nutrition Program Design*

Cutting Edge Training

Dr. Eric Serrano Seminar Quotes

Not only was Dr. Serrano’s seminar extremely informative, but I also learned a great deal through the participation of other experts in the audience. Robert B* California 5/27/2009

Serrano Programs Work

I attended Dr. Serrano’s seminar in California a few years back and it gave me any nutrition and training program design tools that I was able to put into practice for my clients right away. Dr. Serrano is the king as far as I am concerned since his programs have produced the best results in front of my eyes. Name withheld* San Francisco 3/01/2009

Energy and Body Comp Better Than Ever

Scott thanks again for sending on my email to Dr. Serrano- I got a chance to talk to him and he is the most knowledgeable person I have ever spoken to when it comes to nutrition. After putting his suggestions into practice- 3 months later things are doing dramatically better. My body comp has improved by 4% and my energy is better than ever.* Mike LA 2/10/2008

Solving the Tough Problems

Scott thanks for hooking me up with Dr. Serrano. As I pro athlete I have searched for a solution for a problem bothering me for years. Dr. Serrano figured out what many others could not and this helped my performance tremendously the last 2 years.* Name Withheld 7/07/2006

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