2016 Dr. Serrano Montreal Seminar DVD


8 Hours of cutting edge training and nutrition footage from Dr. Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson.  Learn from the best as Dr. Serrano provides extensive lectures for attendees while skillfully answering complex questions.  See ground breaking training techniques and expert instruction directly from Dr. Eric Serrano MD.

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8 hours of cutting edge training and nutrition information.

Learn from Dr. Eric Serrano MD a leading expert in the fields of nutrition, weight training, professional athlete performance, injury rehabilitation, supplementation, hormonal blood work analysis and more.

5 Hours of lecture footage including detailed presentations and case studies. Presentation slides sent by email following DVD purchase.

3 hours of ground breaking training footage including unique exercise executions, injury analysis, correcting strength deficiencies, elite performance tips and more.

Advanced Nutrition Plan Structures.

Corrective exercise protocols for injury resolution.

Macronutrient Cycling Fat Loss Nutrition Strategies with Scott H. Mendelson.

Analyzing patient hormonal blood work.

Food allergy testing and related solutions.

Pre/Post workout nutrition protocols.

Bodybuilding show preparation nutrition programming.

20 techniques for improving your training session productivity.

Improving Endurance athlete body composition and performance.

and much more