Strategic Changes Drives 16 Pound Fat Loss

Strategic Changes Drives 16 Pound Fat Loss

Without change, there cannot be progress… this simple phrase has been a theme in my weight training workouts and periodization templates for years. However my nutrition/ diet has been pretty static over the years. It has served me well. Various meal replacement powders and bars have been great because of convenience and relatively low cost. Strategic Changes Drives 16 Pound Fat Loss.

Strategic Changes Drives 16 Pound Fat Loss

Eight weeks ago I stumbled across a plan by Scott Mendelson of www.infinityfitness.com named the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan. A comprehensive nutrition plan including macronutrient cycling that advised the use of infinity fitness supplements. Since it was free, just had to email Scott@infinityfitness.com and he’d send you the plan, I thought why not. I read through a few times and realized I could make it work into my work situation and current weight training program. I needed a change anyway from powerlifting type training to give my joints and nervous system a break.

Strategic Changes Drives 16 Pound Fat Loss

GCX10 Improves training performance significantly without stimulants. Elevated performance drives a bigger fat burning response to exercise when the correct recovery conditions are in place.

Another change for me this year is approaching the big 5-0! I realize that just dropping carbs and getting lean wasn’t as easy as it had been in years past. I’d read and dabbled in intermittent fasting, omega 3 supplements, digestive enzymes, amino/ BCAA formulas and knew of the health benefits associated with each.

The 21 day fat loss program involves the use and timing of 100% MR, Muscle Synthesis Powder, Alpha Omega M3, EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst and the Fat Reduce FBO5 Day/night time formulas conjunction with eliminating whey and casein protein powders. I thought to myself “ limiting protein powders..eggs (I was eating eggs very often)..fasting…grass fed meats for protein..

I’ll turn into a hippie and start doing yoga!”

I was reassured by watching the infinity fitness videos with Dr. Serrano explain the rationale behind his products. Again, I kept reminding myself it’s only 21 days.

Joints Feeling Great

Well something that i did not anticipate happened. Whether it was from the benefits of fasting, decreased load on my spine, decreased inflammation associated with concentrated milk protein consumption or a combination of all of these, I stopped taking the anti-inflammatory that I had literally used for years to function. I can conventional style deadlift again! I’ve had to sumo since low back issues limited spinal flexion.

21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Cycles

I’m about to finish my 3rd –21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Cycle and have lost 16 lbs of body fat. I started at a weight of 208. And no, I wasn’t bloated up. My diet before this was very clean. Moderate carbs, healthy fats and lean protein. So very little of my weight loss was water weight. After each of the Day 22 Carb Loads I tested my major lifts on their scheduled day. I didn’t max out. Just went up to probably what first set for 3-5 on a moderate training cycle would be. I was pleasantly surprised. I might not have to switch to yoga and buy a peloton after all!!

I have no doubt most can benefit from change in one way or another. Email Scott at infinity fitness for a free copy of the 21 fat loss program. He’s very knowledgeable and helpful with any questions you might have.”

Trent Maxfeldt

Owner of West Knoxville personal training


USA Weightlifting Club Coach