Professional Surfers Thrive

Professional Surfers Thrive

For our recent participation in the 2022 ISA World surfing games at Surf City, Huntington beach California, we incorporated Infinity Fitness Muscle Synthesis Powder and 100% MR into our Pre, Peri and Post training and competition nutrition plans for the athletes, The Great Britain Surf team reported a great increase in recovery noting much less fatigue and soreness during the two week camp and competition times. Professional Surfers Thrive in Competition.

Professional Surfers Thrive

The athletes had a pre completion free surf, then daily heats and additional training both in and out of the water. The schedule was intense but with the help of the infinity fitness products the athlete were much more able to cope with the work capacity definitely assisted by the very high quality amino acids .

the athletes took 2 scoops of 100% MR and 2 scoops of Muscle Synthesis Powder 30 mins before each heat first thing in the morning and later in the afternoon.

Coach Michael Pellegrino 09/28/2022

Professional athletes all over the world use the 100% MR to accelerate comprehensive recovery of the muscles and the nervous system. The scientifically engineered blend of BCAA, Glutamine, Taurine, Niacin and B complex vitamins Dr. Eric Serrano MD created gets rid of muscle soreness and mental fatigue while creating a razor sharp nervous system. Hand eye coordination and other elements critical to elite competition relies heavily on the nervous system to be razor sharp.

Scott@infinityfitness.com works with performance coaches all over the world on a daily basis to help a wide variety of clients ranging from professional athletes to business people improve their performance, body composition and quality of life with protocols that are highly advanced yet simple to execute. Scott builds customized protocols to ensure the success of his clients and makes refinements accordingly based on feedback.