Highly Effective Supplement Client Report

Highly Effective Supplement Client Report

I was seriously impressed by the quality of the product and speedy service I received from Infinity Fitness. I placed a significant order at the Arnold Classic and the box was only a day behind me. Pretty impressive turn-around. I own a business and believe in providing the best experience to my customers possible, so it’s great to do business with like-minded people. Highly Effective Supplement Client Report

Highly Effective Supplement Client Report

Muscle Synthesis Powder Body Composition Improvement System and 100% Muscle Recovery Blends: What ingenious products! I’m a fitness and nutrition professional and was astounded by the quality of both of these powders. Unlike a whey or casein protein powder, these are 100% clear when mixed. Instead of breaking down the whey or casein into its associated amino acid profiles, these products are comprised of BCAA’s and EAA’s which are directly absorbed. It’s a quicker more efficient way of feeding the muscle post-exercise.

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Gabe interned with Dr. Eric Serrano MD at his medical office for a week in February of 2020. Following seeing patients at the office, weight training sessions are required to learn new techniques. Dr. Serrano educates interns so they can apply training techniques to improve body composition, performance and for injury rehab purposes. During the first workout with Scott Mendelson and Dr. Serrano Gabe noticed a huge benefit when using 4 GCX10 Rapid Physique and Performance Enhancer Capsules before training.


Alpha Omega M3: This Alpha Omega 3 blend is amazing. I don’t get the fish oil taste when I burp after taking them. Enough said.

GCX Rapid Physique and Performance Enhancer: This stuff is insane. I eat 4-5 of these about 30 minutes before I work out and it’s like I ate gunpowder. The energy I have and the reps I can grind out are unbelievable; all without any stimulants. To me, there’s nothing worse than having the jitters while trying to lift so if I can enjoy the same, if not better results, with no associated feeling of amperage or my heart exploding; sign me up.

EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst: I never tried enzymes before but I’m liking these. The ability to more fully digest food aids in all facets of nutrition, specifically, a quicker uptake of the micronutrients our bodies need for faster recovery and improved satiety.

Dr. Eric Serrano Patient

Dr. Eric Serrano MD watches Gabe perform a forearm roll sequence with strategic pauses for increased muscle fiber recruitment. The naturally flavored 100% MR helped Gabe accelerate recovery and drastically reduce muscle soreness while he was training during his internship.

Fat Reduce FB05 Stack: This stack has two parts; Day and Night formulas. The Day Formula keeps my cravings at bay. I’m a foodie, as such I like to eat, ESPECIALLY things I shouldn’t. This helps me focus on the day, keeps me alert, and is a great supplement. The night formula helps me sleep quicker and more soundly, thus increasing my rate of recovery and quality of sleep.

All in all, I’m super grateful for Dr. Eric Serrano and Scott Mendelson having created such quality products. My only regret is I didn’t find them sooner. I would recommend to anyone looking for quality supplements that really work. Highly Effective Supplement Client Report

Gabe CARTHAGE Missouri 03/20/2020