Feeling Better now than in my 20’s

I’ve used 100% MR, Muscle Synthesis Powder and Alpha Omega M3 for over 9 years as well as following your customized training and eating plans. Before I started working with you I was never able to get the results I wanted. Now I spend less time in the gym, less time preparing food, and get results like never before. People actually ask me what I do in the gym! I’ve also seen how you have continued to improve on your methods and training plans.

I really look forward to training now because it’s the best way get my day going. Your workout and eating plans are key to keeping me sharp for my professional and personal life. I’m a busy lawyer so I don’t have hours to spend in the gym each day. I can get in a great workout and know that the time I spend is propelling me toward my goals. It’s keeping both my mind and body sharp and I feel like I’m adding both years and quality to my life.

There are only a handful of products I’ve ever taken that I can feel the difference and 100% MR, Muscle Synthesis Powder and Alpha Omega M3 are three of them. I call them cravings killers from the way they make it so easy to avoid things that would sabotage my progress. I won’t go to the gym without taking 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder. When I take 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis, I feel like Popeye eating spinach–I can feel it hit my muscles and also affect my state of mind.

When I started on your plans and products, my waist was a 34 and I weighed 175. I now have a 32 in waist and weigh about 170. My body fat percentage dropped significantly and now stays in the low teens. The best part is that I used to spend up to 2 hours a session running and working out, but now I spend a few hours a week training and feel better than I did in my 20’s. I also am in much better shape than when I was in my 20’s!

Thank you for what you do!

Matt H. Virgina 07/20/2016