Burning 45 Pounds of Body Fat

Burning 45 Pounds of Body Fat and Increasing from 0 Chin Ups to 8!

“I thank you Scott, Dr. Serrano and the whole Serrano family. The past several years I have just been increasing my body fat and weight which has affected my health. Waking up one day to gout and realizing how much pain I had really was a gut check for where I was going in life.

Pull up progress is impacted by body composition improvement.

This picture is not Robert B who wrote this testimonial.

Having Dr. Serrano let me know the relationship of pre diabetes and gout was also an eye opener. I could not believe how bad things have become . I remember working out with Dr. Serrano and not being able to do a single chin up when everyone in the room could do at least 5.

I was Fed Up

Well from there it was a change in the way I ate, supplemented, slept, worked out, and who and what I believed in. With Infinity Fitness supplements of 100% MR, Muscle Synthesis, Fat Reduce FBO5, Alpha Omega M3 and DigestA+Lean Protein, I went from 250 to 205 pounds and can now do 8 pull ups with my body weight.

Back into Martial Arts and Sports I enjoy

I even got back into martial arts and sports I enjoy. I still have some body fat to lose as well as strength to increase, but I have not had one episode with gout living this way.

My blood sugars are so much better. Everything has changed including back to training people and writing strength training programs for others. thank you for helping me not just with supplements, but also my life.”*
Robert B 12/022014 SAN JOSE CA