Arnold Classic

While training for the PowerX Nationals at the 2017 Arnold Classic, I was able to place third in the Nation. I believe that it is largely related to the supplementation that I took.

Arnold Classic

I took a stack of Infinity Fitness Muscle Synthesis Powder, 100% MR, and GCX10. In addition to this I also took Alpha Omega M3. I’m a full time student working on my Master’s degree and work full-time in a busy Emergency Department as an RN with high stress levels and was still able to cut weight, get stronger and recover faster with an advanced training regimen. Training for the Arnold Classic under these conditions created challenges.

More Energy

I was feeling tired and not able to train at my optimal level until I started taking Infinity Fitness supplements. Once I started the taking the products I felt more energized. I would work a 12 hour shift and then be able to hit the gym afterwards. In the middle of my workouts I felt I wouldn’t tire or feel fatigued as quickly.

Accelerated Recovery

I also felt my recovery time was quicker; I would be ready for my next day to lift or work. I reached out to Scott and he helped guide me for the right supplement protocols. Every time I had a question, Scott would immediately email me back. Scott was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Not only are Infinity products the best but the customer service is outstanding. I can’t thank Scott enough for his help in my fitness success.

Kristen D 03/16/2017 Columbus Ohio