Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Success

Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Success

“I was skeptical going into this plan that I could have quality workouts and not get sore without having carbs before and after my workouts. The combination of 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis as workout nutrition is incredible, I felt great in the gym, great afterward, and watched the fat and inches come off. Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Success. The picture above is not Jeff K.

Aggressive 60 Fat Loss Success

The magic of the Aggressive 60 Fat Loss System is that you feel no hunger and have great workouts while in a calorie deficit. Being able to select my own solid food meals for lunch and dinner also helped me feel satisfied, physically and mentally. I’m sure the high amount of healthy fats and the Alpha Omega M3 formula also had something to do with this.

Easy execution for 60 days

I went in expecting to suffer through this and wondered how I’d hang on for 60 days. I was pleasantly surprised right away and thought the plan was a piece of cake the first two weeks or so. After that, I did have occasional hunger in the evenings, but some hot tea or coffee eliminated that. I also had great energy levels, which was a pleasant surprise and I’m sure helped me not cheat. The Fat Reduce FBO5 Daytime formula was a nice energy boost during the day without making me jittery, and the Nighttime Formula helped me get deep sleep.

Lost 12 Pounds of Fat

In the end, I dropped about 12 pounds and 2 inches off my waist while maintaining my strength levels. This may not sound like a breakthrough, but visually I look the best I have in years.
If you want to make an investment in your body (and potentially your health), definitely consider the Aggressive 60 Fat Loss System.

Jeff K Phoenix AZ May 15 2017