61 Year Old Doctor Transforms

61 Year Old Doctor Transforms

I am a 61 year old physician with a busy practice and a passion for fitness and well-being. My interest for fitness started after I turned 40 for an anti aging purpose and since then I tried to improve my body composition and increased my strength with modest results until I find out about infinity fitness. Excellent 61 Year Old Doctor Transforms in just 12 weeks with a personalized weight training, nutrition and fat burning interval program.

61 Year Old Doctor Transforms

I first got interest into the 21 day fat cell cleanse program and the intermittent fasting. Since I saw very good results in just few weeks I enrolled into a 12 weeks personalized training and nutrition program with Scott Mendelson. The result have been in my opinion outstanding. For the first time in 20 years I can see my abs and my BF has gone down from 16 to around 10%. This is remarkable for a man of my age.

InfinityFitness client transformation side

Excellent technical support directly with Scott Mendelson

Scott has been very helpful. He had giving me many suggestion already before I joined the program and then he supported me all along the 12 weeks, answering rapidly to all my queries. I had a very detailed personalized food planed which fitted very well my needs and helped me during the 12 weeks, without hunger problems.

Dr. Bruno lost a tremendous amount of body fat while increasing lean muscle tissue during his 12 week personalized program. Fat Reduce FBO5 Day and Night time formulas played a crucial part in shutting of fat storage receptors that are concentrated in the belly area for men.

Great Instructional Training Videos

I followed 2 different personalized training programs of 6 weeks each, with many unconventional exercises created by Dr. Eric Serrano MD, which in addition of changing body composition improved my posture and flexibility as well. Training session lasted less than 45 min, which is great for a busy person, but with very short rest periods between sets and therefore extremely intense. I took 4 capsules of GCX10 before training and 2 scoops of 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder before, during and after training and performing an recovering from this demanding training proved not to be a problem.

I also took EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst and Alpha Omega M3 with each meal. As a practicing medical doctor I know how important digestion is when considering body transformation and general quality of life. Fat reduce 05 Day and Nigh Time formulas were also part of my regimen.

All together I am very amazed of what I achieved in just 12 weeks and I sincerely recommend the program to everybody looking to improve their physic rapidly ad safely, at any age!

Thank you Scott Mendelson and Dr. Eric Serrano MD

Dr. Bruno C 04/01/2019

Comments from Scott Mendelson who designed the 12 week personalized Body Transformation program for by Dr. Bruno.

Great Attitude

The attitude and execution quality performed by the client plays a huge role in the rate of success during a personalized 12 week transformation program. Dr. Bruno has done and continues to do an excellent job with his nutrition, weight training and fat burning interval program execution which is now in the second 12 week personalized program phase. Instead of making excuses Bruno asks questions by email where I provide quick solutions to any challenges Bruno has identified. We have made adjustments to training programs to accommodate travel by changing exercises on a few occasions so that great progress can continue to be earned on the road.

Communicating to Identify Solutions

As a busy medical doctor Bruno faces similar challenges that all people encounter on a daily basis. Bad food choices are easily to find and plentiful, but with his busy schedule Dr. Bruno makes sure he has at least two high quality meals each day. We are using an intermittent fasting protocol currently which is very easy and satisfying in addition to being highly effective for body fat loss with high energy for busy people.

Establishing Trust

I send each new personalized program client a brief questionnaire to learn about their individual situation and goals. Following review of this information I send important follow up questions to dig deeper into important areas so that I have the information needed to build highly effective training, fat burning interval and nutrition programs. During this process I am eager to hear from clients what elements have worked well in the past and what has not. This information is very important to identify individual characteristics and to help me choose the right course of action for each client to maximize their success. It is very important that individuals are being heard so they can feel comfortable that I am taking their experiences, limitations, schedules, prior injuries, preferences and other factors into account.

Confidence in the Plan

I believe very strongly that a client who is fully confident in a comprehensive plan is much more likely consistently apply great execution necessary to maximize progress. A quality over quantity approach saves valuable time and requires clients to spend much less time exercising than what they would have thought while earning great transformations. Focusing on essential nutrition strategies that do not require tedious calorie counting and other hassles reduces client stress levels dramatically. For over 20 years I have been helping clients earn fantastic transformations while supporting a high quality of life.

Email Scott@infinityfitness.com to discuss a 12 week personalized weight training, nutrition and fat burning interval program to get yourself on the fast track to success just in time for Summer.