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Upper Body




Serrano Bar Ext Rot Press Around the World Serrano Presses

Manual Resistance Triceps Extension Complex

High Cable Arm Ext 1

Side Lateral Raise  

Bilateral High Cable Ext High Cable Arm Ext 2

DB Reverse Curl

Strategic Pause Chin Ups

Double Quarter DB Press

Wing Curl Horizontal Pull Up Semi Neutral Grip Press
Preacher Zotman Curl Neutral Grip Chin 1 1/4 DB Press

DB Hold

Towel Chin

Prone Fly

Towel DB Hold

Type Writer Pull UP

Incline Rev Fly

Barbell Hold

Chest Supported Row

Seated Clean

Incline Curl

Prone Row

Seated External Rotation

Incline Hammer Curl

Suitcase Row

Incline Rotation

Long Head Curl

Chest Supported UH Row

External Rotation

DB Off Set Curl Chest Supported rot row Seated Lateral Raise
Lying Triceps Extension Chest Supported OH Row Unilateral Press
Incline Tri Ext Ischemic DB Row DB Arnold Press

Single Arm Tri Extension

Chest Row

External Rotation Combo

Reverse Grip Tri Ext

Rope Row

Face Pull

Telle Tri Extension

Reverse Push Up

Side External Rotation

DB tri extension w/ rotation DB elbow row Trap 3
Tri Overhead Extension Mixed Grip Chin Cable Trap 3
 Std Cable Rear Ext Barbell Row  Prone Bilateral Trap 3
Lean Away Rope Ext Kneel unilateral Cable Row  Prone Bilateral Trap 2
Lean Away Spread Ext Std unilateral Cable Row Floor Press  

Eccentric Tri extension

Bent Over Cable Lat Raise

DB Rotation Press  

 Eccentric Hammer Curls

Cable Lateral Raise


Super Zotman Curls

Seated Cable Neutral Row

30'  Prone DB Raise 
Seated Rotation Curl Pole Chin DB Combo Press 

Low Cable Rotation Curl

Seated Cable Overhand Row

30'  Prone neutral DB Raise 

Low Rope Spread Curl

3 Point Elbow Row

King Drill

DB Cross Body Curl Lat Push Down DB 1 1/4 Press
Prone Triceps Kick Back 3 Point Neutral Row One Third Press
Prone Triceps Rev Kick Back DB Combo Row Ball Angle Press
Prone Triceps rot Kick Back Serrano Ext Eccentric DB lateral Raise
Prone Triceps pro Kick Back Pull Over Grip 1 Cable Shrug  
Seated Cable Tri Extension Trap Row Iron Cross
Ball Angle Ext  Standing Low Cable Row Elevated Push Up
Ball Angle Curl Kneeling High Cable Row Unilateral DB Press
Ball Arm Curl Eccentric High Pull Position 1 Lateral Raise
Shake Curl Prone DB Curl Position 2 Lateral Raise
High Cable Curl Eccentric NG Pull Down Pin Press
Double Quarter Curl Eccentric NG Cable Row Eccentric Shoulder Press
Eccentric Reverse Curl Push Away Lat Pull Down Cheat Db Lateral Raise
Prone DB Curl Unilateral NG Pull down  Palm Front Fly
Prone DB Rotation Curl Bent Over Band Pull Aparts Special Fly 1
Lean Away Lateral Raise Prone db L Raise Special Fly 2
BB 12 curl Prone db Back Raises Cuban Press  
BB 12 curl with pause Elbow Drivers Powell Raise
Ball Multi Angle Curl Pull Over Grip 2 1 1/4 DB Press
Zotman Curl Cable Shrug Seminar Promotion

Seated Zottman Curl w/pause

Bent Over Row

X Flys

Mid Section

Breathing Warm Up

Cable Rotations

Ab Wall Test 2

Leg Lower Test 1

Leg Lower Test 2

Oblique Test

Ball Roll Knees

Ball Roll Side Knees

Ball Roll Toes

Ball Roll Side Toes

Wood Chop High to Low

Wood Chop Low to High

Back Extensions

Ball Lower

Ball Reverse Crunch

Cable Crunch

Cable Crunch Twist

Chair Knee Up

Chair Knee Up Straight Legs

Decline Sit up

Decline Twisting Sit up

Elevated Crunch

Floor Back Extensions

Jack Knife

Unilateral Ball Jack Knife

Medicine Ball Sit Up

Front Crunch

Ball Jack Knife side to side

Loaded Crunch

V Up

incline leg Lower

Alternating Superman


Double leg Drop

Single Leg Drop

Side Drop

Reverse crunch Bent

Reverse Crunch Straight

Hip Raise

Towel Crunch

Towel Crunch Twist

Speed of Movement Example

Seated AB Crunch Seated Side Bend Seated Twisting AB Crunch
Side View Ball Crunch Uni Cable Pull In straight Hip Lock
Uni Cable Pull In Ball Side Raise

Reverse Trunk Twist

Ab Hammer Curls Lever Crunch Med Ball Rotation Sit Up
Bicycle Sit Up Med Ball V Up

Med Ball to Leg Sit Up

Ab Wall Test 1

Extended Med Ball Sit UP

Ab Wall Test 2

Lower Body


Multiple Muscle Groups


Front Foot Elevated Lunge Rear Leg Elevated Lunge Series Manual Hamstring Pistons
Step Over Lunge Band Glute Ham Set Up

Swiss Ball Squat

Barbell Squat

Band Glute Ham  

Static Lunge


Swiss Ball Leg Curl

Dynamic Lunge

Sumo Deadlift

Ball Glute Ham Raise

Rear Step Lunge

Close Stance Deadlift

Glute Ham Raise

Step Up

DB Deadlift

Good Morning

Eccentric Calf Raise DB Split Deadlift DB Pendulum
Cable Lunge 1 + 1/3 Squat Cable Pendulum
Rear Leg Elevated Lunge Single Leg Squat Cable Pull Troughs

Side Lunge

DB Front Squat

Power Step Up DB Over Head Squat Single Stiff DeadLift
Heel Squat Box Squat w/Chain Unilateral BB Deadlift
BB Hack Squat Straight Leg Tabletop Reach Pendulum
Wall Seat DB Clean and Press DB Semi Stiff DL
Double Quarter Lunge Knee Bent Tabletop

Double Quarter Lunge w/Pause

Swiss Ball Reverse Hyper

 1+ 1/3 Ham Curls


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