Time Variant Chest Press

Time Variant Chest Press

Increase the time under tension while providing fresh stimuli for the chest muscles. Dr. Eric Serrano MD instructs the Time Variant Chest Press execution. Scott H. Mendelson demonstrates using 40 pound dumbbells and three pauses lasting 30 seconds each.

Time Variant Chest Press

Personalized training and nutrition program clients may be instructed to use a different time length of the pauses based on their individual needs. Scott does 5 reps, pauses 30 seconds at the mid way point of the rep and repeats this sequence twice for a total of three times.

During the third pause Scott fails about half way through the pause time period which is ok. Take a ten second break and resume until finishing the set with the proper form. The number of reps between pauses may also be different from this example based on individual factors.

Boost fat burning hormones

Dr. Eric Serrano points out during his opening remarks that the time variant training will raise lactic acid levels significantly which serves as a precursor to the release of powerful fat burning hormones.

Accelerate Recovery or Pay the Price with Soreness

Sipping the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder before, during and immediately after the training session will help to prevent major soreness from this intense training sequence. The scientifically engineered amino acid ratios within the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder bypass digestive hang ups and provide the perfect ratios of raw materials muscle need for accelerated growth and repair.*

Learn the movement

The Time Variant Chest Press will present many different strategic challenges for the muscles and nervous system. Perform a couple warm up sets to practice the execution and to identify a great work set load. The right focus will allow for strength increases using proper form over the course of a four to six week training plan.