TVT Cable Triceps Extensions

TVT Cable Triceps Extensions

Tax the triceps without over stressing the shoulder joint. TVT Cable Triceps Extensions provide a unique loading pattern and angle of resistance for each arm to balance the musculature. The shoulder should remain soft throughout the set indicating that the triceps are taking on more of the work during the set.


TVT Cable Triceps Extensions

Pausing for thirty seconds is very challenging when using the correct loading and form. Concentrate on keeping the palm facing the ceiling during the entire set which provides excellent grip work. Keep the head and neck in a stable position to avoid impingement.

Get the Time Variant Training (TVT) shoulders, Arms and Back training routine and see more videos.

Balance arm strength

Start the set with the weaker arm to help correct strength deficits. Take only ten to twenty seconds between arms to promote excellent training density. Padding under the knee with a mat or padded disc will make the movement much more comfortable. Maintaining proper posture throughout the set becomes very challenging.

Fuel high performance

The set becomes gradually much harder due to an accumulation of muscle fibers which is a good sign. Sip 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder before, during and immediately after each training session to give muscles a powerful alternative energy source. The exclusive raw material ratios Dr. Eric Serrano developed will allow muscles to work harder for longer with every set.

Gain full range of motion

let your hand become even with your ear during the TVT Cable Triceps Extensions reps to ensure you are earning full range of motion. This takes some loading discipline by using a lower weight to make sure the execution is perfect. Over the course of a six week program my clients are able to increase the loading with perfect which adds to their rates of progress.