Standing Cable Press

Engage the core muscles in a functional manner while challenging horizontal pressing strength. Take notice that the lats are needed to support proper stabilization throughout the movement.

Standing cable presses and other variations have a huge carry over to athletic performance due to in part to the unbalanced nature of the movements. Our clients who are professional football players for example do not simply press a heavy bar during games. They are forced to deal with uneven forces throughout the game.

Scott H. Mendelson demonstrates the two levels of difficulty based on the end point of the hands at the end of the movement. Pressing at close to eye level is much more challenging than pressing downward.

Dr. Eric Serrano MD points out the shaking that takes place throughout the movement which provides an indication of the significant challenge presented by this exercise especially when using heavy loading.

The cable press provides tremendous pec stimulation especially when the contraction is held at the end of the movement for two seconds. Clients aiming to improve their physiques earn more benefit from this pressing movement than various fly movements for example.

This is not a good exercise for beginners or anyone with a history of back or core muscle pain.