Standing Band Rotations

Standing Band Rotations

Standing Band Rotations engage the core muscles as nature intended. Changing the distance from the post impacts the level of resistance for 12 week personalized training and nutrition plan clients. Jessica Serrano demonstrates this movement with an anti burst swiss ball for great execution.

Standing Band Rotations

Traditional abdominal movements such as sits ups, crunches, roll outs and related devices create back pain and more core muscle development. Functional movements along with a low body fat percentage are the ticket to a great six pack. Rotational movements target the internal and external obliques effectively.

The number of reps listed within the personalized training program should be done for both sides to complete the set. Take ten seconds to rest between the sides as the short rest periods provide benefit for conditioning while elevating fat burning hormones under the correct conditions.


Standing Band Rotation Resistance Adjustments

Standing Band Rotation Resistance Adjustments are possible by moving farther away from the post which creates more band tension. The timing of the movement can also change strategically such as extended pause periods at the hardest part of the movement. Jessica Serrano at the end of the movement with her shoulders square to the post.

Proper Band Tension

The correct bands are very important for the Standing Band Rotations to avoid injury. Do not use bands that are not appropriate for this movement. Advanced clients use higher tension bands as the build strength and master the proper technique to perform exercises with more resistance. An anti burst swiss ball is necessary for proper execution. The same training session will likely use the anti burst swiss ball for other movements which is particularly beneficial when wanting to use short rest periods.

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