Ischemic Preacher Curls

Ischemic Preacher Curls

Ischemic strength training techniques developed by Dr. Serrano are highly effective for increasing lean muscle and strength. Ischemic Preacher Curls are a great tool for improving biceps development in a short time frame.


Ischemic preacher curls

Scott H. Mendelson takes Peter Baird through a well planned ischemic preacher curl strip set to increase arm muscle size. Following a warm up Peter performed 6 reps with an ischemic execution. A ten second break was used to reduce the weight load 25% before doing eight tradition reps to finish the strip set.

Scott H. Mendelson and Peter Baird took GCX10 30 minutes before training to increase peak power and strength endurance. The GCX10 physique and Performance enhance proprietary formula allows trainees to use more weight with proper form for more high quality reps.

Packing a weight training session full of sets that include gradually higher weight loads while using the proper form and repletion speed is very important for increasing rates of muscle growth. Ischemic strength training exercises are very challenging and should not be used for every set of a training session to avoid overtraining.

Matching biceps and triceps exercises

Training the biceps and triceps during the same session allows for antagonistic super sets. An example would be an ischemic preacher curl paired with an ischemic triceps kick back. Alternating between these two exercises allows the muscles and nervous system to recover more quickly between sets. As a result our clients can make training sessions more dense which is great for surging fat burning hormones.

Short rest period benefits

Short rest periods also allow our clients to accumulate more muscle fibers during a training session which is a key for excellent rates of muscle growth. The ischemic preacher curls stimulate a wide cross section of muscle fibers. Following right away to do traditional reps leaves many more muscle fibers exposed for recruitment which is highly productive.