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Specialized Shoulder Complex Videos for Awesome Development

Build Great Shoulders- Pain Free!

By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

I need to lose 15 pounds of fat to show off some abs while increasing the size of my shoulders to make my waist look smaller. What is in the shaker cups all of your clients are drinking during their sessions? Michael Tampa Florida

Michael we had the benefit of reviewing your training programs which were not the worst we have seen, but have gotten stale over time with no real progressions or specialized exercises built into the concepts. The longer you have been training, the more important the training and nutrition tactics become. You must work hard and smart to reach aggressive goals in a short time frame.

W Shoulder Press

Specialized exercises can improve development, strength and prevent injury.

Specialized Shoulder Exercise Videos for Great Development

We are going to implement a unique shoulder exercise called the W Press followed by W Press a traditional dumbbell shoulder press demonstrated by Dr. Serrano. You will have to start with relatively low weights on the W press while you master the proper form which is perfectly normal and beneficial. specialized shoulder complexes

Without the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis your shoulder soreness will be tremendous for several days due to the difficulty of the Specialized Shoulder Complex.*

The key to fat loss for men and women is increasing fat burning hormones by packing a high quality of work into a relatively short period of time.*

You are correct! Improving shoulder development does give the appearance of a smaller waist and makes the entire upper body look much better.

Fresh Stimuli for the Muscles Drive Faster Development

The W press presents a fresh set of stimuli that will activate the nervous system as well as fast twitch muscle fibers. Dr. Serrano demonstrates the W Press using a high load for that particular exercise with a sloppy rep speed, but this is following a great deal of practice. We strongly suggest using the speed of rep tempo listed within the routine below to maximize your benefits.*

Short Rest Periods Boost Fat Burning Hormones

30 seconds after the last W press reps are done, you will then perform 8 shoulder press reps. By the time you reach the shoulder press your shoulders will be screaming! Now we are going to finish with a Specialized Lying Lateral Raise to stimulate the posterior shoulder, rhomboids and lower portion of the traps. You will likely need to start with a low weight load to perfect the form and speed of movement. Keep in mind that this exercise has poor leverage especially with the adjusted body positions Dr. Serrano demonstrates which is never intended for heavy loading. Targeting Shoulder Improvement These specialized movements and execution procedures are new to you so we suggest 1 or 2 warm up revolutions before the work sets listed below.*

The Specialized Shoulder Training Complex routine can serve as a complete workout on its own or you can add it on to the front end of one of your other training sessions as long as the total session is no longer than 45 minutes.  As a stand alone training session the number of sets may need to be increased. Adding an extra training session to improve a specific body part is an excellent strategy provided the recovery conditions are optimized.*



Prone Front Raise

The group using Lactoferrin lost an average of 1.79 inches of body fat from their waist while the control group lost only .35 inches over the same time period. (1) The GCX10 proprietary ingredient blend includes more Lactoferrin in 4 capsules than what was used in the study to improve client belly fat burning.*

 Powerful Muscle Building and Fat Burning Signals The proprietary ratios of ingredients within the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis send powerful signals to the brain that a huge volume of food has been consumed and as a result metabolic rate increases through the roof within nothing to burn except stored fat as the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder (naturally flavored versions with stevia now available) have no caloric burden. Using the dynamic duo around training sessions and between meals sky rockets fat burning several times per day.*

High Stress Zaps Metabolism

 Following 4 to 6 weeks of reduced food intake and high exercise metabolism tends to downgrade as a part of natural survival mechanism to protect the body against starvation. Add increased stress, poor sleep or injury to the equation and the negative impact on metabolism is even greater. Consistent intake of the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder around training and between meals present powerful fat burning signals to the brain to revive metabolism. The perceived “large volume of food intake” prevents the body from going into starvation mode.*

Dietary Fat Loading Pyramid

Dietary Fat Loading Pyramid

Your diet needs strategic improvement as well and we highly recommend the Dietary Fat Spiking system. Consuming the same foods on a daily basis while cutting down your food intake over time has left your metabolism very sluggish. Dietary Fat Spiking protocols will revive metabolism, fat burning enzymes and optimize fat burning hormones.*

GCX10 Attacks Stubborn Body Fat!

GCX10 Physique and Performance Enhancer earned a great reputation for eliminating stubborn and visceral fat. The proprietary blend of ATP, Lactoferrin and Glycine within GCX10 developed by Dr. Serrano taken 30 minutes before training will help you use higher loads while cranking out more quality reps to drive faster rates of muscle growth and fat loss.*

Crank Out the Quality Reps

 ATP specifically increases the intramuscular energy gradient which boots the amount of muscular repetitions. In fact scientific studies show that a high dosage of ATP doubles the rate of muscle growth and strength gains of 1 rep max loads for compound movements of trained athletes. GCX10 features an even higher dosage of ATP than what was used within a key published study.*

Specialized Shoulder Complex for Great Development and Strength

Sets Reps Tempo Rest

A1. W Press 2-3 8 3-2-1-0 30 A2. Shoulder Press 2-3 8 3-1-1-1 30 A3. Specialized Lying Lateral Raise 2-3 8 4-1-1-1 60

Pre-During-Post Workout 100% MR + Muscle Synthesis to Make the Most out of Every Training Session

100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder is within the shaker cups you mentioned to be used before, during and immediately after training to support substantial muscle growth, fat loss, excellent performance and optimized recovery rates. Without the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis your shoulder soreness will be tremendous for several days due to the difficulty of the Specialized Shoulder Complex. Sipping 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder between sets provides the muscles and the nervous system with the materials needed to fight on even in the face of every challenging training sessions.*

Dr. Serrano spent many years perfecting the proprietary ratios of Amino Acids exclusive to the 100% and Muscle Synthesis by evaluating muscle biopsies, research studies, patient hormonal blood work, performance reviews and more. This powerful stack is unmatched for effectiveness. Yes there are many generic options that are cheaper, but none that are even half as effective.*

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