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Our proven personal training tips, weight training, nutrition, supplementation and fat burning interval sprint strategies have been developed based on many years of success working with clients.  Cutting edge techniques will help you transform your body, improve daily energy, reduce injury risk and crush the competition in a wide variety of venues.  Let us help you reach your full potential with the right protocols for your specific needs and goals.

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Fat Cell Cleansing - Rowing
Fat Loss Nutrition Strategies

Fat Cell Cleansing

Dr. Serrano and Scott, can you tell me more about Fat Cell Cleansing? What are the best ways to kick start fat loss for a guy like me who is highly stressed working long hours?  Every time things get tough at work or home it seems my belly grows over

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Supplement protocol information and tips

Fat Burning Salad

Teach the body to burn more stored fat as fuel with Dr. Serrano’s special fat burning salad. By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

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Nutrition and training to reduce body fat

Weight training, muscle building tips, and guides

Muscle Flexion Training
Muscle Growth Weight Training Strategies

Muscle Flexion Training

Holding the weight load in the fully flexed (top) position of the movement with one arm while the other arm cranks out reps drives unmatched rates of muscle growth and fat burning.   Muscle Flexion Training is a ground breaking system that will help you pack on slabs of muscle

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Metabolic Burst Training

Metabolic Burst Training By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson Fix Weaknesses- Activate Fat Burning Hormones- Elevate Performance Pools open up around the nation in a month with Memorial Day Weekend.  Let us help you get your body ready for a hot summer with Metabolic Burst Training. Specialized exercises restore strength

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Time Variant Shoulder, Back and Arm Training

Hold a weight load at the mid point of a rep for 30 seconds for maximum muscle activation and fat burning hormone generation. Time Variant Shoulder, Back and Arm Training represents a fresh approach to transform body composition, reduce the likelihood of injury and to sky rocket strength levels for both

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Legs on Fire Training

Legs on fire training came from the feeling throughout the glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves with timed paused exercises. Short- yet highly intense training sessions ignite a fat burning firestorm while firming up muscles in all of the right places for women and men.* By: Dr. Eric Serrano MD and

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Advanced Six Pack Training Strategies

The keys to developing a great six pack include lowering body fat levels and training core muscle as nature intended in a functional manner.  Unbalanced weight load exercises force the abdominal and support muscles to fully engage throughout the entire set while boosting fat burning hormones through the roof for

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Muscle Growth Zone

Two-A-Day Training and Nutrition Strategies for Rock Hard Muscle Accumulation The foundation of a great male physique is rock solid muscle. Below we list out a perfect day of eating combined with two distinctly different weight training sessions to maximize rates of muscle growth. Not only does new muscle improve

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