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Metabolic Burst Training

Metabolic Burst Training By: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

Fix Weaknesses- Activate Fat Burning Hormones- Elevate Performance

Pools open up around the nation in a month with Memorial Day Weekend. Let us help you get your body ready for a hot summer with Metabolic Burst Training. Specialized exercises restore strength balance to prevent injury while creating a fat burning hormonal burst with action packed training sessions.

Fat Burning Hormonal Burst Factors:

Extremely high levels of muscle tension

Short rest periods combined with advanced recovery tactics

Extended time length of sets

Greater amounts of energy needed to complete challenging exercises.

New exercises that are unfamiliar to the muscles make them work harder.

Metabolic Burst Training

GCX10 attacks stubborn fat while driving the higher level of training performance needed to maximize fat burning hormones. Get razor sharp focus, boosted power and all day endurance without any stimulants.*

Metabolic Burst Training

All of these factors cause more calories to be burned and fat burning hormones to climb with every set. Every well planned Metabolic Burst Training session will boost fat burning hormones and metabolism for the next 24 to 48 hours if the cards are played right with nutrition as well as supplementation.

The Specialized exercises Dr. Serrano created are extremely challenging and productive from several perspectives.

GCX10 helps our clients win with every set by increasing peak power and strength endurance without any stimulants. High dosages of ATP within GCX10 combined with stress relieving agent Glycine send performance through the roof even for very experienced trainees. Clients report higher weight loads for more reps with less overall rest while maintain razor sharp focus throughout their workouts. Key GCX10 ingredient lactoferrin has proven to effectively reduce visceral and stubborn fat while improving immunity levels.

Blast stubborn fat

During intense Metabolic Burst Training the body begins to release stress hormones as a natural self-protection mechanism. Unfortunately these same stress hormones are associated with muscle wasting and stubborn fat deposition. This is one of the reasons that many people can lose “weight”, but end up with more stubborn belly and leg fat than when they starter.

Maximize Fat Burning hormones

100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder sipped before, during and immediately after training puts stress hormones in check so that more stored fat can be burned as fuel during intense sessions. The proprietary blend of amino acid ratios Dr. Serrano assembled based on many years of research provide a powerful alternative energy source for muscles which supports the elite levels of performance needed to maximize fat burning hormone levels for the next 24-48 hours following every session.

Metabolic Burst Training

100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder keep nasty stress hormones in check so the body can chip away at more stored fat as fuel during intense training sessions. Dr. Serrano’s proprietary amino acid blend accelerates recovery so you can tighten the screws on body fat with shorter rest periods and excellent performance.

Short rest periods tighten the screws on body fat to maximize the benefits of every hard training session

Accelerating recovery between sets and training sessions allows our clients to use gradually shorter rest periods between sets. These advancements come from excellent training program design, proper nutrition execution and consistent use of the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder.

Shorter rest results in higher training density which has a proven relationship with elevated fat burning hormones, but only if the work quality remains high. For example cutting rest periods short so that sloppy reps can be done with 5 pound pink dumbbells defeats the purpose. Challenging weight loads with proper form and rep speed combined with relatively short rest periods are a ticket to excellent rates of body fat loss.

“Hey I am just trying to look great at the beach this Summer. Why should I care about fixing weak links?”

Muscle imbalances limit the training performance needed to maximize fat burning hormones.

Weak links cause injuries that grind training to a halt.

Weaknesses prevent men from maximizing muscle growth.

Bad posture increases stress hormones responsible for stubborn fat storage and muscle wasting.

Make Weak Links Strong

Weak links are limiting your ability to improve your physique, performance and contributing to chronic injuries. This does not just apply to athletes, but also to weekend warriors, bodybuilders, powerlifters and anyone on the planet who wants to look and feel their best every day. The stronger link training videos and routine below uses specialized exercises and rep executions tactics to correct upper/mid back weaknesses. The sheer difficulty of these sets creates a fat burning hormonal burst while stimulating a ton of muscle fibers.

Nothing kills progress faster than an injury

Weaknesses are injuries just waiting to happen. A majority of the trainees we test are weak throughout the entire posterior chain including the shoulder external rotations, lats, traps, rhomboids and more. Frontal shoulder pain which can dominate the biceps tendon often originates with weaknesses throughout the back which also contributes to poor posture. Rounding of the shoulders during seated positions driving and while working at computers contributes to more shoulder dysfunction. Insert specialized movements into your training routines to hedge your bets against injury, to improve performance with all sorts of tasks and to accelerate body comp progress.

For detailed exercise descriptions visit our extensive training video library.

Metabolic Burst Training
A1.Rope Spread Lat Pull down3(5-7)3-1-1-375
A2.Rhomboid Press3(5-7)6-4-x-175
B1.Rope Spread Lat Pull down*1(8-10)3-1-1-245
B2.Rhomboid Chest Press1(8-10)3-1-x-045
C1.Door Way Press3NA30 seconds75
C2.Chest Supported Underhand row3(5-7)3-1-1-275
D1.Seated DB shoulder Press1(8-10)3-1-1-145
D2.Chest Supported Underhand row1(8-10)3-1-1-145
*Grip bottom of rope and emphasize lat spread with every rep