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Living Great Miami Beach

Living Great Miami Beach

Eat big time and stay active while keeping your physique razor sharp at the W Hotel located in world famous Miami South Beach. I travel all over the country seeing clients and review hotels, restaurants and gyms for clients so they know what advantages are available. Living Great Miami Beach features some of the best dining in the country and offers many opportunities to stay active in the bright sun. 

Living Great Miami Beach

Making the right food choices while enjoying meals creates a huge challenge for a majority of the adult population wanting to improve body composition and quality of life. You can eat large portions of the right food choices while supporting your success if the correct nutrition strategies are in place. Taking 3 Alpha Omega M3 and 3 EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst with meals twice daily while traveling prevents body fat accumulation even when food choices are far less than ideal. The scientifically engineered ingredient ratios Dr. Eric Serrano MD developed within the Alpha Omega M3 and EZ14 create ideal hormonal and metabolic conditions for fat burning when consumed with larger meals. Flexible Fasting while traveling has been highly effective for clients while traveling so they enjoy big meals.

The Miami Beach boardwalk is a paved walk way that stretches for 7 miles with direct beach access.  Watch out for people on bikes, electric scooters, skateboards, and roller blades as a collision is a real possibility.  Walking for just 10 minutes following meals can help to control insulin and improve daily energy levels.  These simple walks are also great for reducing stress and increasing overall activity levels.  First thing in the morning the area is less busy and serves as a great way to get a walk in while fasting following a quick drink of 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder12 Week Personalized Training and Nutrition Plan Clients wanting to get rid of stubborn and overall body fat also enjoy taking 3 Fat Reduce FBO5 first thing in the morning before heading out for a walk or workout.

W South Beach Exercise Venues

The W South Beach features a full basketball court, gym, tennis court, Access to the Miami Beach board walk, the beach and two pools.   The gym has a versa climber, rower, stationary bikes and treadmills with some other standard machines. The gym only has dumbbells up to 50 pounds which makes sets longer in duration such as Cluster 6 Pause Training a perfect fit.  Weight training while traveling is crucial for promoting a high quality of life.  New venues offer a fresh environment and the opportunity for a great workout to energize the rest of the day while supporting short and long term goal achievement.  Having a specific travel workout built for your needs with the flexibility to make adjustments based on the equipment available is extremely important.

Rapid Fat Burning Intervals

The full basketball court is a very rare amenity for a hotel, especially in Miami Beach.  A pickup game is a great way to get in sprint intervals.  A tennis pro is available with an appointment scheduled in advance if that is more your speed. The pools are set up for relaxation and not laps specifically.  I do not recommend performing intervals in the ocean due to currents and other challenges that pose a safety risk.  Running on the beach is a great chance of pace for those who enjoy running.

Muscle Beach Miami

Muscle Beach Miami The hotel is a 25 minute walk from Muscle Beach which is a public park gym right on the sand next to a dozen volley ball courts creating a unique training experience.  In general Muscle Beach draws some very experienced trainees who are in great physical condition.  Bring extra water as training outdoors in the Miami heat is much more challenging than people would think.  There is no fee to access Muscle Beach and be prepared for crowds at peak times which can vary.

Leisure Time Miami Beach

World Class Miami Beach Dining

Santorini located in the Bentley Hilton south beach is a local favorite with a vast Greek menu including steak, lamb and seafood.   The portions are large and the service is excellent from this family run operation. The area around the restaurant is easily walkable which makes a walk following the meal very easy to execute.

Prime 112 has the best burgers in Miami that they are glad to prepare without a bun or fries.  The baked potatoes with one of the custom butters is a great option especially following a workout. This restaurant has a big “scene” especially as it gets later at night.  The menu is vast and includes many great steak options in particular.  Ask the waiter for a combination of their house made thick balsamic vinegar that you can combine with olive oil instead of salad dressing containing canola oil.  I always suggest that clients take Alpha Omega M3 and EZ14 with them to restaurants especially when they plan to eat more than usual.  The scientifically engineered ingredient blends Dr. Eric Serrano developed help to keep billions of fat cells clean and pristine while keeping insulin levels in check even when food choices are far less than ideal. 

W South Beach Dining

RSW is the house restaurant serving all three meals daily with a great breakfast buffet.  Outdoor seating is really nice with a fan pointed directly at the table.  The menu is modern American for many salad and protein options. 

Mr. Chow includes vegetable oil is most dishes so I did not go there. Unfortunately most Asian restaurants use vegetable oils to prepare all foods which is terrible for fat cells.  Occasionally I find an Asian restaurant that will use sesame oil or butter such as Michelin Star Wing Lei located within the Wynn Las Vegas.

W South Beach Rooms

The regular rooms are very large and feature a mini kitchen.  During my most recent visit I was upgraded to a suite with a full kitchen which was nice for refrigerating left overs and keeping water cold.  My only complaint is that the pillows were lousy.

The entire hotel staff is friendly and attentive.  Tip accordingly to get extra water or whatever else you may need.  Uber is a great way to get around as the traffic is heavy in Miami.  There are many stores within walking distance, but nothing special stood out.  A 24 hour Walgreens pharmacy is a 3 minute walk from the hotel entrance.

The Vibe

There is music playing in the lobby all day with plenty of comfortable spots to sit and hold meetings.  The WET pool has a live DJ on the weekends, plenty of seating and cabanas for rent.  This is a great spot to show off a great Physique while working on your tan.  The beach is steps away with full waiter service at both the beach and pool.

Email 7 days per week to discuss your individual situation and goals so that Scott Mendelson can make suggestions to maximize your success as soon as humanly possible. You can Living Great Miami Beach and elsewhere.