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Fat Cell Cleansing

Fat Cell Cleansing - Rowing

Dr. Serrano and Scott, can you tell me more about Fat Cell Cleansing? What are the best ways to kick start fat loss for a guy like me who is highly stressed working long hours? Every time things get tough at work or home it seems my belly grows over night. My wife has the same problem except she holds the fat in the lower body. I would give anything just to have a six pack and my wife refuses to wear a bathing suit even though she looks great except for a few trouble spots. Gary San Antonio TX


Fat Cell Cleansing

Fat Cells have two settings much like a vacuum cleaner. They can be stuck on suck up mode to grab everything available in the blood stream to build up fat storage levels for the dreaded swollen look just like the vacuum bag.  Or the reverse setting to kick out as much stored garbage as possible to be metabolized as fuel. You can do most things right with diet and exercise and still not experience much success if the fat cells are not operating correctly for a number of reasons. Fat cell cleansing below has been highly effective for our male and female clients. *

Cleanse Fat Cells

Kick Start Fat Burning by optimizing fat cell raw material levels as well as the hormonal environment with the Alpha Omega M3 and GCX10 proprietary formulas.* Optimize fat cell function to increase utilization of stored fat as fuel

Fat Cell Cleansing Protocols


First 2 weeks: 9-12 Alpha Omega M3 daily split over meals.

Weeks 3 and 4: 6-9 Alpha Omega M3 daily split over meals.

Weeks 5 and 6: 6 Alpha Omega M3 daily split over meals.

4 GCX10 Capsules 30 minutes before exercise to attack stubborn and visceral fat while improving peak power as well as strength endurance. Non-training days 4 GCX10 first thing in the morning. *


First 2 weeks: 9 Alpha Omega M3 daily split over meals.

Weeks 3 and 4: 6 Alpha Omega M3 daily split over meals.

Weeks 5 and 6: 6 Alpha Omega M3 daily split over meals.

4 GCX10 Capsules 30 minutes before exercise to attack stubborn and visceral fat while improving peak power as well as strength endurance. Non-training days 4 GCX10 first thing in the morning. *

Shut off fat storage receptors

Personalized weight training, interval training and nutrition programs are absolutely critical for accelerating success especially for someone with high stress levels. There are just too many details for people to figure out on their own. The right exercise and nutrition strategies have a huge impact on the rate of physique improvement progress. Stressed people are very sensitive to carbohydrate intake since stress hormones negatively impact insulin sensitivity. As a result, the metabolic environment is primed to store carbs as new body fat instead of burning them as fuel. Training volume must also be kept in check due to the negative impact elevated stress hormones have on recovery. Even the slightest program refinements emphasizing intensity over volume are crucial to your success. *


GCX10 supports a great 6 Pack

Attack Stubborn and Visceral Fat With GCX10 Physique and Performance Enhancer.*

A Ground-Breaking 8 week study published in the British Journal of Medicine during 2010 demonstrated that daily intake of Lactoferrin produced a significant decrease in visceral fat and total body fat. The group using Lactoferrin lost an average of 1.79 inches of body fat from their waist while the control group lost only .35 inches over the same time period. (1)*

Belly Fat Burning Published Research

The GCX10 proprietary ingredient blend includes more Lactoferrin in 4 capsules than what was used in the study to improve client belly fat burning.*

GCX10 is an advanced weapon designed to attack extremely stubborn and visceral fat without the use of stimulants. Research shows that key GCX10 ingredient Lactoferrin interferes with the accumulation of stored fat in cells, prevents the formation of new fat cells and increases the utilization of stored fat to be burned as fuel. Lactoferrin GCX10 which includes a proprietary ratio of Lactoferrin, Glycine and ATP that should be taken pre training to increase peak power and power endurance- leading to double the rate of muscle growth based on published ATP research studies. (2)*


Shut off fat storage receptors

Women have a high density of fat storage receptors within the buttocks and thighs that must be shut off to chip away at stored fat in those areas. Men have a higher concentration of fat storage receptors around the mid-section and must take measures to optimize the hormonal environment to burn stored fat.

Optimize fat burning hormones

The hormonal environment typical of a high stress situation including poor sleep quality must be addressed by shutting off the receptors driving fat storage which for men are plentiful in the abdominal region. Women have a higher density of fat storage receptors in the buttocks and thighs while some will also store in the mid section as well. A traditional approach of low caloric intake and a high volume of exercise will not solve the problem; in most cases it makes things much worse.*

Cleansing the fat cell

There are many misconceptions about body fat- it is made up of billions of fat cells, some we are born with and others created by bad food choices such as corn oil used in frying and trans fats within a countless number of packaged goods you have consumed over your life time. Fat Cell Cleansing is very important for jump starting a fat loss plan, otherwise using stored fat as fuel is very difficult.

Trans fats were designed to extend shelf life and to lower the fat intake on food labels leading consumers to believe items are “diet friendly” choices. Nothing could be further from the truth as in actuality these fake fats are very hard to get rid of. Doughnuts you consumed years ago and last week have left a trail of bad materials that you must clean up to restore proper fat cell function. Otherwise progress will be painfully slow. *


Alpha Omega M3 Cleanses Fat Cells

“There is no shortage of stressed patients in my practice and Alpha Omega M3 is a required tool for all of them. In addition to the great fat burning impact related to the carefully designed ratios of essential fats I have also found that clients may experience improved mood, less anxiety, fewer cravings for bad food choices and generally deal better with stressful situations. An excellent tool for Fat Cell Cleansing” * Eric Serrano MD Columbus Ohio

Cheating with the wrong foods causes long term damage

Highly stressed people often binge and their sources are typically highly refined foods which have tons of fat storing attributes, but the trouble does not end there. The leftover toxins, trans fats etc. lodge in the fat cells forcing an unwanted expansion and inhibit the use of stored materials as fuel. The best way to get these cells back into fat burning mode is to purge the garbage with a high dosage of Alpha Omega M3 and GCX10 to not only change the raw material landscape, but to also optimize the hormonal environment– limiting the fat storing impact of stress. Optimizing insulin sensitivity can stop hunger and cravings in their tracks. Getting rid of the greatest barriers to success should be a top priority.*

Burn down the fat cell warehouse

Once you have a large warehouse of fat cells your capacity to store body fat is greatly increased forever. You can manipulate cell size during the Fat Cell Cleansing process by making them collectively shrink and that is how we lower body fat levels. Furthermore, fill fat cells with their desired essential fatty acid materials found in Alpha Omega M3 clinically developed proprietary ratios and this cements a powerful barrier to future body fat accumulation even when diet is less than perfect for stretches of time.*

Fat Cell Cleansing Protocol

Clients with ideal fat burning muscle levels can even spend a significant amount of time off a perfect diet without gaining body fat due to their superior metabolic and fat burning hormone levels. Optimizing the status of the fat cell by Fat Cell Cleansing is a key to long term success making every day of proper nutrition and exercise pay off to earn the fastest possible rate of progress.*

Staying lean

Imagine the satisfaction of earning your dream body and a long term strategy for how to keep it for good! One of the greatest compliments we can get from a consult client is when they tell us they never thought staying lean and fit would be so manageable. A key to prolonged success is rotating the emphasis of both training and nutrition with a customized approach to keep metabolism, hormones and other key factors fresh. So many fall into the trap of chasing fat loss forever without considering the laws of diminishing returns or the value new muscle will have in the war of winning their ultimate goal physique.*

The right dietary fats from food

Be aware that commercially raised animals store toxins and other bad substances in their fat stores which can transition into your fat cells. Commercially raised cows for example are fed grain and given hormonal treatments to make them fatter for a higher price at auction.

Grass fed beef benefits

Consuming organically raised protein sources including grass fed beef and wild caught fish/seafood provide an ideal ratio of dietary fats for the body to utilize which helps with the Fat Cell Cleansing process. Good dietary fat sources such as Alpha Omega M3, extra-virgin olive oil from a dark bottle or can, avocados, cage free whole eggs, raw nuts, coconut oil and other items also play a very important role in the proper nutrition plan structure.

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