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Fat Burning Fury Legs

Fat Burning Fury Legs

Surge fat burning hormones and metabolism for up to two days following each Fat Burning Fury Legs training session. Firm up your legs with four functional exercises done in a row with minimal rest between sets of 20 reps. Advanced progressions include external loading and strategic pauses to greatly improve physique transformation opportunities. Simple to execute, but requires great effort to gain the most fat burning benefits while done just about anywhere without equipment.


  • Four Simple to Execute Exercises with no excuses
  • Performed at home, office, hotel room, park, or Kid’s practice field
  • Twenty High Quality Reps Per Exercise
  • No rest between sets builds up fat burning potential
  • Gradually increase the number of rounds based on recovery capacity
  • Advanced Progressions with Added Weight Load and Strategic Pauses

Fat Burning Fury Legs

Training your legs correctly will help you reach your low body fat potential. Many trainees avoid training legs or apply a poor effort due to a lack of knowledge and fear of muscle soreness. The objective is to pack a high quality of work into a relatively short period of time with the session lasting no more than 30 minutes including a warm up.

Fat Burning Fury Glute Training

Burn stubborn lower body fat with Fat Reduce FBO5 Day and Night Time formulas designed by Dr. Eric Serrano MD to bust through metabolic and hormonal barriers to success. Getting rid of stubborn body concentrated in the lower body for women and centralized in the mid section for men requires proper training, nutrition and supplementation to shut off fat storage receptors. 

You Can Go Six Rounds

Each round consists of 20 high quality reps of each exercise with no rest between movements to drive up fat burning properties while keeping sessions under thirty minutes for many strategic reasons. Take one minute rest between round to sip on the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder to enhance fat burning during training while getting way ahead of the recovery curve so you are not extremely sore the next day.

Harder Than It Appears

At first glance new clients have told us that a body weight lower body circuit could not be too hard. Perhaps not until you realize how much quadriceps, hamstring, gluteus maximus, medius, minimus fatigue builds up by round two with only one minute rest between rounds.

Dr. Eric Serrano MD always warns patients who come and ask for challenging leg workouts to emphasize recovery with the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder or they can expect muscles to be so sore they will have a hard time walking for a few days. Accelerated recovery is more than just a soreness issue, in addition to preventing the post workout hangover due to brain fatigue, recovery also impacts rates of body transformation.

Fat Burning Leg Fury Advanced Progressions

Accelerating recovery by sipping on the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder combined into one drink 30 minutes before and immediately after training sessions minimizes soreness and help clients feel mentally sharp the next day. The faster the body recovers, the more resources can then be dedicated to burning stored fat as fuel and repairing muscles.

Advanced Progressions

We build strategic progressions into personalized weight training, fat burning interval and nutrition plans to keep progress moving throughout a six week program. Adding more challenge with external weight load such as medicine balls, a weighted vest or strategic pauses can only be performed with the proper fueling. Achieving the same level of performance each week will only bring average results while gradually improving performance drives fat burning hormones through the roof.

Strategic Pauses Test Your Will

The rear leg elevated lunge with a strategic pause at the parallel position from fifteen to thirty seconds based on many factors is the brain child of Dr. Eric Serrano MD who is always looking to pack as much challenge as humanly possible into short sessions. The special exercise sequence is great for athletes, those who aspire to have a great physique and people who happen to like experiencing extreme muscle discomfort.

A1.Rear Leg Elevated Lunge(2-6)202-1-1-110 seconds
A2.Band Assisted Squat(2-6)202-1-1-110 seconds
A3.Glute Raise(2-6)202-1-1-110 seconds
A4.Hamstring Bridge(2-6)20Hold60 seconds