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Advanced Muscle Growth Tactics

Advanced Muscle Growth Tactics

Warning: Advanced Muscle Growth Tactics are for hardcore trainees motivated to maximize muscle growth and body fat loss at the same time. Discover how to stimulate a greater number of fresh muscle fibers to grow with short rest periods and immediate nutrient supply*

BY: Eric Serrano MD and Scott H. Mendelson

Advanced Muscle Growth Tactics

Super charging muscle growth starts with “damaging” muscle fibers so they will regrow to be larger during the recovery process. The muscle recovery process starts immediately following the set with the right building blocks available in the blood stream. *

Short rest periods exposes more muscle fibers for growth

20 seconds rest between the 45 degree incline press and the 3o degree incline press allows fewer muscle fibers to recover between sets in comparison to a 60 second rest period. As a result the 30 degree incline press can “damage” a different portion of muscles fibers than usual. Another 20 second break before the flat dumbbell press creates even more fresh muscle fiber exposure during this final phase of the three movement complex. *

The perfect muscle growth opportunity

Stimulating a greater number of muscle fibers combined with the right recovery conditions will support accelerated muscle growth. This is one of the many reasons why sipping the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis during the training session is so important for high performance and muscle growth. The proprietary ratios Dr. Serrano developed are delivered immediately to muscles super charge growth.*

100% MR and Muscle Synthesis for a Great Body

100% MR and Muscle Synthesis Powder provide the specific muscle building block nutrient ratios to be delivered to working muscles during the training session. Extra raw materials not being used by the muscles to grow provide a powerful energy source especially when the carbohydrate intake is low.*

Never quit on a set if you want a great physique

The plan was to get five reps for each of the chest pressing stations with 100 pound dumbbells. By the time we reached the third revolution our muscles were screaming and we knew failure was likely at some point. Thinking ahead we arranged 75 pound dumbbells nearby that we could grab after getting three of the five planned reps for example. Completing the set with the two well executed reps is a key difference maker between earning average and great results.*

Do not be afraid to fail during a set

Sticking with the same weight loads you have been using for years is a huge mistake. The objective should be to gradually increase weight loads with proper form every week. A training partner can provide assistance during a set to increase confidence levels while moving up to higher weight loads. If you fail, just finish the set with a weight load.*

Picking the right weight loads

We consider client training experience, muscle fiber type dominance, conditioning levels and more before recommending how much clients should reduce weight loads to complete the listed reps per set.*


6 Station Training Advanced Strategies

GCX10 is a heat seeking muscle growth and fat burning missile without stimulants.*

Cranking out the quality reps for more muscle

Completing the last few reps of challenging sets create an excellent muscle growth opportunity. 4-8 GCX1o capsules taken 30 minutes before training has made a huge impact on weight loads and the number of reps our clients can crank out with perfect form. The right ATP ingredient quality and amounts per serving have proven in research settings to boost peak power and strength endurance.(2) We have observed the same great performance improves which have created awesome rates of muscle growth for our clients over the last several years.*

Rest between revolutions

Following the first revolution of six exercises even the most well-conditioned of trainees will be fatigued. Take three to four minutes before staring the second revolution to catch your breath as an Advanced Muscle Growth Tactics. Sipping on the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis during this break will prepare your muscles and nervous system for the challenges to come.

Weighted pull ups are for the Alpha Males

Strapping and extra 25, 45 or even 100 pounds to a dip belt for pull ups is no joke. This movement requires serious attention to detail and a qualified spotter to support proper execution and safety. There is no shame in starting with five or ten pounds and gradually moving up the load as an Advanced Muscle Growth Tactics. The load can be reduced or completely removed to finish a set just like we described above.

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