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Fat Cell Cleansing - Alpha Omega M3™                  New and Improved!
Formulated by Eric Serrano  MD

Block Fat Storage Before it Starts

Prevent Fat Cell Growth and Multiplication- NEW ARTICLE!


Fat Cell Cleansing- New Article- Force Excess Fat to be rapidly Burned as Fuel and Crush Cravings!

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Finely Tuned Fat Burning Essential Fatty Acid Machine!

 The Alpha Omega is geared specifically to accelerating Fat Loss and performance while a majority of essential fat formulas are just for general purposes.  Far beyond the high quality level of purified ingredients; the specific ratios of these items developed by Dr. Serrano during years of research and patient trials have proven to be highly effective.  Proper ratios of ingredients are crucial for ensuring high rates of utilization making your investment pay off.    In addition to the filtrated DHA and EPA (fish oil), CLA, ALA, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, Lecithin, and GLA play very important roles for improving rates of body fat loss while also decreasing common problems associated with joints.  This advanced blend of ingredients can help to lubricate joints making daily and athletic functions less troublesome for certain problems.   Yes there is a higher cost associated with the Alpha Omega vs. many generic products, however this difference cost is invested into product quality and potent ingredients.- not marketing hype.   

Cleanse Fat Cells for Rapid Fat Loss

Please read the Fat Cell Cleansing article which explains how the Alpha Omega M3 can get rid of Stubborn Body Fat forever by optimizing Fat Cell Function.  Fat Cells play a huge role in the success equation and must be addressed with the nutrition and supplement plan to achieve the greatest rates of success.

Alpha Omega M3 is one of my secret weapons for staying lean year round. It is one of the rare supplements that you can feel doing something great for your system. Alpha Omega M3 gives my body the essential fatty acids that it needs to perform well every day. The best way to know that my body gets what it needs from it is the fact that I have absolutely no cravings for anything but clean food when I'm consistent with the product.


A Long Term Investment in Keeping Body Fat Levels Low

 Alpha Omega M3 is not only a great investment in lowering body fat levels quickly, but also keeping them low long term by creating several powerful barriers to body fat accumulation.  Satisfying fat cells with the proprietary blend of raw materials makes it more difficult for "garbage" to penetrate the cell to increase body fat even with the diet is less than perfect.  Insulin is the body's most potent fat storage hormone so optimizing these levels via improved insulin sensitivity is crucial for avoiding body fat accumulation while forcing more raw materials into muscles to assist with the recovery process.

Alpha Omega M3 Forces Raw Materials into Muscles Post Workout

Alpha Omega M3 plays an important role in accelerating the rates of muscle recovery and performance by providing raw materials needed for natural anabolic hormone production.  Furthermore optimizing insulin levels which can be assisted by the Alpha Omega M3 during the meals post training can help the body force more nutrients into muscles instead of fat cells.

 Body Fat- Not Welcome

Consider your body to be a hotel and your cells as rooms in this large structure. What fills these cells will ultimately determine if the body burns stored fat, gains muscle, performs well, etc. You must fill your "rooms" with their desired fuel which is a special combination of healthy fats found in Alpha Omega M 3. Regular intake of the Alpha Omega 3 fills your cells with high quality nutrients and shuts off the vacancy sign to elements responsible for increases in body fat, illness and poor performance. Satisfied cell groups will block storage of excess nutrients and force them to be rapidly burned as energy producing fuel.

Rich in Filtrated Omega 3

Yes the Omega 3 stands for the popular nutrient discussed in many books as a leading tool for performance and body composition improvement. However this is not just any Omega 3 source, SST uses ingredients of a special level of quality only accessible to the few researchers that understand which types of healthy fats produce the best results. Consume anything less than the best sources of fish oil and risk polluting your body with whatever toxins are encountered by fish in polluted oceans.

Exert from Planet Muscle Feature Article- Future Fats by Dr. Eric Serrano MD

Studies done with rats show that a high consumption of polyunsaturated fats will increase the size of the fat cells. Corn oil, specifically, and oils high in Omega 6 or other polyunsaturated oils can also increase fat size. Saturated fats increase the size and the volume or number of the fat cells, while monounsaturated don't do anything to the size of the fat cells.

Manipulating the Size of Fat Cells

Upon reviewing this study, I asked myself what happens if you change the ratio of fat intake as you get close to a contest? What happens to depression, joint pains, fatigue, muscle and fat loss itself? Well- the real good news is that my clients (6,200) have lost tons of body fat when I strategically changed their fat intake. This was especially true when I used a new structured fat supplement that can rapidly promotes fat loss, decreases the size of fat cells, prevents any increase in their number, reduces inflammation, increases thyroid output, increases muscle insulin sensitivity, strengthens the immune system and augments muscle building by reducing soreness and inflammation and decreasing recovery time.

Prevent Fat Cell Multiplication

Proper supplementation considers timing, dosage and goals. When you combine the right ingredients at the right dosages you lose body fat and gain muscle mass rapidly. But -- you must also eliminate certain fats at the same time. The secret is the correct combinations. Alpha-Omega M3 has been shown to decrease fat size and volume and to prevent fat cell multiplication. This is extremely important for competitors following a show who like to consume fattening foods for a period following competition. This combination will prevent the rapid accumulation of body fat during your "off" time. This applies to bodybuilders and any person who wants to eat freely while minimizing body fat accumulation. Stay away from high polyunsaturated fats like corn oil and other oils like safflower oil.

Alpha Omega M 3 is formulated with a proprietary blend of pristine ingredients and processing to eliminate all mercury and provides you with the right fat ingredients, ratios and exact doses. You must take it with food for the best assimilation

This supplement (Alpha-Omega M3) takes into consideration scientific data available and provides almost all of the ingredients you need to be successful. I say, "almost all the fats," because we still need to eat fat from food sources and never just from supplements.

Customer Success Stories

My Secret, is Scott...

I've been working with Scott Mendelson for over ten years now. I'm a 56 year old fitness fanatic while juggling a senior executive lifestyle, and have been working out since I was 19 years old. The results I have seen since working with Scott… both on the customized routines he creates for me, and the supplementation and revolutionary dietary recommendations he recommends… are far beyond not only my own expectations, but also to the ASTONISHMENT of everyone in my gym and in my personal life. I maintain 5-6% body fat, and EVERY SINGLE DAY (no exaggeration) people come up to me and ask how i do it. Not only in the gym, but I've had many people stop me on the street, in my local health food store, and even PULL OVER IN THEIR CARS to find out "my secrets".

My Secret, is Scott (and through him, the dietary and supplementation wisdom of Dr. Serrano). I also credit, and would not think of going without their Muscle Synthesis, 100% MR, Alpha Omega M3, Fat Reduce (even when I don't need to lose fat I use it for energy and building lean muscle mass) and the incredible protein DigestA+Lean Protein.

Bill G- Thousand Oaks California 10/07/2012


Losing Fat and Ready to go Sleeveless after only 6 weeks!

Scott I have never been leaner or in general felt better in the last 20 years than I do right now. After a couple years of little exercise and drive through eating I really hit rock bottom not only with my health, but my zest for life. A friend suggested that you were the guy to talk to get things on the right track fast. I have been impressed with how efficient the training, nutrition and supplement plan have been. I have lost 15 lbs of fat so far in 6 weeks and I can feel that my metabolism is working better over the last week since I am getting very hungry around meal time. One major change that I did not expect is the improved energy.

In and Out of the Gym in 45 Minutes

The 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis make me feel like training, my muscles feel good training and I am tearing it up in the gym. In and out in 45 minutes. My joints have never felt better and I think that is due to not doing stupid things in the gym with bad form and also the Alpha Omega. My wife says my gut is shrinking big time and that I look like I lost more than 15 lbs. During our call you said I must be gaining muscle based on my strength progress and I would have to agree since my shirt sleeves are getting tight. I may need to go sleeveless this summer to my business meetings! Thanks for all of your help Chad. TN 02/22/12

I am an Amino Loading Kind of Gal for the Lean Physique

Scott I take the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis around every training session and also between meals. Since starting a few months ago I have gotten much leaner and this is not my imagination. I do not focus much on the scale, but I am down 10 lbs. The mirror is telling a much different story and I cannot wait to put on a two piece swim suit! All of my friends see the progress, even co workers who I do not get along with give me compliments. The 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis between meals gets rid of any cravings so I am able to stay away from all of the office junk and bad food choices my husband brings home! When the kids stress me out I drink some 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis, within 10 minutes I feel less stressed.  keeping stress under control is crucial because in the past it has triggered bad food choices for me.

 My belly fat is much lower than it was the last time I was at this body weight, and I think the Alpha Omega is helping big time in that area. I started the Fat Reduce no long ago and I am sleeping really well. We will see how much it helps with fat loss over the next couple months! Thanks again for your help Scott. Mindy CA 03/01/12


Fat Loss Solutions for the Lazy guy

I will be the first to admit that I am somewhat lazy at times with diet. I look for anything that will help me get lean for Summer. The Alpha Omega and Fat Reduce have been like magic for me. They burn fat alone, that was easy to tell in the mirror within a couple weeks, but I feel so good when I take them. I do not crave junk and I feel like exercising. Those couple factors are usually my down fall so that problem is finally solved. I have taken many essential fat products over the year so I did not know what to expect with the Alpha Omega. Whatever combination you have in their works wonders for stubborn fat areas. I cannot put a number on it or quantify, but looking in the mirror every morning really shows the difference in abdominal definition. At this pace I am going to be looking better at the Pool this Summer than ever before. Thanks again for taking me call last week to go over the plan and I put your training tips into play this week and my shoulders did not hurt during training for the first time in Months. Tom San Diego 05/02/2011

Simple Fat Loss Solutions for Stress Mongers

I am very meticulous with my record keeping looking for the smallest of details as to why progress may be good or bad during a period of training. I came to the conclusion that if my sleep quality and the amount of sleep is good then everything else with diet, training and energy falls perfectly into place. If sleep is poor than everything goes south on me. I am a stress monger, I do not like my job on most days because of the stress it creates and it was keeping me up on certain nights. The Fat Reduce PM has solved that problem. I get good night's rest every night when I take it. The Fat Reduce AM is the first thing I take every morning with a tall glass of water and it helps me get going to start my day. My energy is much better during the day than ever before and this kept me out of the cookie jar for sure if you know what I mean. The Alpha Omega makes a huge difference for me as well, taking 9 per day has a made a huge difference compared to 3 per day when I started out. My joints feel great and my body fat is dropping much faster since going to 9 per day. DL NJ 4/28/2011

Getting Leaner

Scott I am very impressed not only by your excellent programs, but also your dedication to your clients.  I fully expected your answering machine when I called at 11 pm seeking answers to questions about my new program.  You answered the phone and took the time to give me the pointers needed.  After 6 weeks on your routines the changes have been huge.  I am down 12 lbs of body fat and my muscle has gone up 6 lbs!  There is no statistic I can put on my energy levels, but to give you an idea of the improvement I am feeling better than at any point that I can recall since I was in college.  that was 20 years ago!  I no longer feel like sleeping at my desk and wake up every morning feeling great.  The 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis are great for my energy levels and I never thought I could work so hard in the gym without being sore.  They are a recovery miracle!  My focus is sharp all day when I drink them between meals.  Alpha Omega and Fat Reduce have destroyed the night time cravings that used to be a problem for me. You can put junk food in front of me and I am just not interested.  Keep up the good work Scott.  Chris  Buffalo  11/20/2010

Gut Busting Fat Loss

Scott I am a stress eater and the holidays worry me nearly do death each year.  I have such uncontrollable appetite and cravings at times for foods I know I should not be eating.  These break downs happen 1-2 times per week.  I read everything I could about Dr. Serrano's Alpha Omega and gave it a try.  For whatever reason I no longer have the cravings to the same intensity and have been able to avoid any binges for 30 days.  As a result my body fat levels have gone down, a real no brainer there.  My energy has also improved, I would describe it as being more steady.  I am going to throw the Fat Reduce in the mix this month and look forward to corresponding with you!  Charles.  Oklahoma City 9/20/2010

Making Other Woman Jealous of my Progress

 The 100% MR, Muscle Synthesis and Alpha Omega are the only supplements that have helped me in the last few years.  They absolutely crush my cravings and I am never sore despite doing your tough interval and weight training workouts Scott.  Other women in the gym cannot do what I do training wise as they just do not have the will or the stamina.  That is why most of them avoid training when I am there.  The manager thinks it is because I have made so much progress that I am making others uncomfortable.  Too bad as that is not my problem!  Cindy- Chicago 9/14/2009

 Transformation Cocktail

 Scott as I told you during our first conversation I am a results oriented guy- I have also figured out that you are as well regarding your protocols.  Your support and ideas are greatly appreciated.  The 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis around training and between meals as snacks is the single most productive thing I have ever done to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass.  I made the trainer do the caliper test 5 times as I could not believe the results.  IN 12 weeks I lost 16 lbs of body fat and gained 9 lbs of muscle.  It is noticeable in the mirror for sure, but hard to quantify without the testsMy joints also feel better than ever and I think this has a lot to do with the Alpha Omega which also eliminates my sweet tooth.  Thanks Michael Portland  10/12/09

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I have recently started working with Scott and incorporated into my diet the Alpha-Omegas. I have just started my period, to my surprise. Normally I have a week to a week 1/2 of very swollen/tender breasts, cravings, etc. right before my period. Did not have any of that this time. I didn't know if it came early or what....Could the oils have something to do with this? By the way, thank you for what you do.  jm 8/16/2009

Lost 14 lbs of body fat in 8 weeks + down to a size 2

Scott I have not seen my mother in a while and she is my worst critic when it comes to how I look.  She literally stopped traffic at the airport as she was so amazed by my transformation.  She was yelling that I had not fat and how did I do that.  It was quite the scene, but it was for good reason. 

The Fat Reduce is the best fat burning formula I have ever taken and this is a strong statement since I have used at least 2 dozen over the last few years.  My energy is great without jitters and I sleep like a baby.  Each day I feel good with less stress than before I started and I cannot put a price on that!

I like the amino loading around my workouts and believe that has helped me tremendously with both workout intensity and recovery.  I hate being sore and the 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis take care of that.

There is something to Dr. Serrano’s Alpha Omega.  I have used fish oil for years and did not notice much benefit. That all changed when I started with the Alpha Omega.  Originally I was only using it for general health purposes.  Without even trying I lost 5 lbs of body fat in a month.  I am not interested in the scientific details, but wanted to let you know about this.  Susan  Houston 4/01/09

Alpha Omega Accelerating the Fat Loss Time Table

The 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis have been constants in my routine for 2 years, but I never tried the Fat Reduce or Alpha Omega until 3 months ago to prep for a bodybuilding show.  I do not care about the actual show to a great degree, but this is the best way to keep me on track for summer time conditioning goals.  The impact on fat loss was absolutely amazing.   Comparing to my pictures last year I was much leaner and also more muscular.  Instead of losing muscle leading up to the show during a crazy diet, I was able to concentrate on gaining muscle.  You see I hit my body fat loss goal 4 weeks from the show and was able to maintain these very low body fat levels while putting on some muscle.  My body fat is 2 % lower so I hit a true 7% and I am 8 lbs heavier at 202-  Keep in mind I am only 5’9!    Sam Tampa Fl 4/30/09

The Best Essential Fat Product I have ever taken

I have tried over a dozen different efa products and none come anywhere close to the alpha omega.  I have literally no joint pain since taking the alpha omega and my skin has improved.  Most importantly based on my body fat tests my progress has doubled since staring a month ago.  I notice my energy is more well balanced and I am less hungry.  Terry N Cleveland 11/04/08

Unbreakable Will Power

I have known what to do to be successful for a long time, but can never seem to stay on track to break through to new levels of progress that I am seeking. Those problems have come to end. Since starting the Alpha Omega and Fat Reduce 2 months ago I have not had any sugar or refined carbs.  I did not believe Scott when he told me this was possible when I spoke to him at the time of purchase, but it was true.  I have no craving and I mean none at all.  I am not even tempted to eat junk even if it is right in front of me at a restaurant dessert cart.  Scott thanks to you and DR Serrano for making these great products available and supporting my needs.  Sally L Manalapan FL  10/14/08

Proprietary Ingredients

Each Capsule Contains The following

Proprietary Blend               1484mg


Avocado Oil

Vitamin E                                  10 iu

 lecithin                                     50mg

90 Capsules per bottle

Borage Oil, EPA/DHA, Gelatin, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Glycerin, CLA, Marine Lipid Concentrate, Organic Flaxseed Oil, Purified Water, Avocado Oil, Caramel Liquid, Vitamin E.

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Glycerin, Purified Water, Caramel Color

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"I formulated Alpha-Omega M3 to help Trainees gain muscle, lose fat and stay healthy. I believe Alpha Omega is the most effective Essential Fat Complex available. It has the optimal combination of ingredients to promote proper absorption and utilization- reflecting years of my detailed research trials.  "

Eric Serrano MD


The average person will do well with 3-9 caps per day with meals in equally divided amounts. People with higher activity levels and body weights may need to take more capsules to experience the best results. Those who are deficient in Omega 3 may also require a higher dosage for a one month period before transitioning to a lower maintenance protocol.

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Contact for your customized training and nutrition path to rapid success.  All SST Purchases carry a Satisfaction Guarantee.*

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* this is a limited Warranty

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